2007 Schindler Factory Krakow

"Immediately after the end of the Giardino Sonoro period - mid 2007 -, Lorenzo brusci founded Sound and Experience Design in Krakow and Berlin. The installation was intended to communicate to the krakowians and to the world the main contents and features of the winning project for the new Contemporary Art Museum, destined to happen inside the historical sensitive building Schindler Factory. The project by architects Claudio Nardi and Leonardo Proli was then sonicly and expresively contextualized by the new Brusci's team.
Various LB's Sound Modules

"Sound Modules realized between 2003 and 2007.".
2007, Paris, Printemps

"The parisian megastore Printemps in collaboration with the Italian ICE, organized a sonic installation by Giardino Sonoro in their roof top terrace. A different way to admire and interpret Paris under sonic lens".
2006, Chaumont sur Loire

"It was still in the the 2006 that the Chaumont sur Loire garden festival selected our project. The project was developed with the architecture studio Nemo Gruppo, Firenze. The experience design sessions held by Lorenzo inaugurated a new method of making converging skills and technicalities under an expressive environmental and architectural goal".
2006, Firenze, Piazza Demidoff

"The Paris project was in collaboration with the City of Firenze. Immediately after we re-installed the Paris installation in Piazza Demidoff, in the center of Florence. A real sonic oasis in the city. The installation lasted a month".
2006, Paris Nuit Blanche

"The Paris installation was just a 1 day show, saturday night. The visitors and the inhabitants of the area were so passionate and attracted by the sonic experience! They continued visiting the sonic garden till late in the sunday evening. Unfortunately the City of Paris did not keep the promise to install it permanently".
2005, Sound promenade at the sonic garden lab

"Many sound promenades were recorded at the florentine Sonic Garden to explore the multi-compositional potentiality of the current set up. Lorenzo Brusci is the main composer, in some areas integrating compositional excerpts by the swiss artist Andres Bosshard and other sound design pieces by the Timet members.

prom#1, prom#2, prom#3, prom#4, prom#5
2005, BBC document

"In preparation of the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2005, a BBC crew flew to Firenze to document the Giardino Sonoro activity and philosophy".
2004, Campi Bisenzio

"the first urban sonic installation by the Giardino Sonoro team. The installation aimed to transfigure the small city of Campi Bisenzio in a rebirth sound city: a month of intensity and sonic poetries in the daily life".
I started designing live music actions performed by musicians improvising/interpreting/interpolating live tape-music and soundscapes/soundmarks flows - see examples in TIMET's cds "Cicli di Sintesi", "Quadri di Schermo Vivo", "Colazione con la Pietra". 1992-1997.

I then went into exploring non-linear music behaviors, meta-organized by synthetical inter-languages: intra-musical (sound gestures conducting live music actions - i.e. BUTTERFLY: live conductor, Composer Ikue Mori) or extra-musical (graphical or choreographic performs conducting live musicians' behaviors - i.e. PARTITURA VIVA: live conductor, Choreographer Raffaella Giordano/Sosta Palmizi). 1995-1999.

Simultaneously I tended to substitute real musicians/players with radical editing of freeform "sample music " articulations - i.e. Timet's cds "La via Negativa", "Shadows", 1996-1999.

Then I virtualized musician-musician and musician-samples interplays, strengthening even more the attempt of concentrating in a given time-music unity - a song-form generated by a poem or by a philosophical sentence - the complexity generated by such interplays - i.e. Timet's cds "Carne Capitata" and "Zarathustra" 2000-2001.

I had the chance to experiment how a sound-based dynamic space design and the living experience of an architectural space could naturalize complex music forms and the infinite richness of music heritages - i.e. "Klangturm project", "Ospite Ingrato" installation, 2001-2003.

This was a turning point. I needed to deal with acoustically less predictable sound emitters, able to variously interact with architecture and its dimensional and material features. I started to prototype environmental and architectural sound modules (with a strong commitment to landscape design) and a related wide sound and music design - here there are the Giardino Sonoro years and its many developments and projects, 2004-2007.

Then I developed a full sound experience design fundamentals, in order to virtualize and multiply through a dynamic sound symbolic experience, the material perception itself of the architectural space - I founded Sound and Experience Design, in Krakow and Berlin. 2007-2008.

It was the time for a deep and electro-acoustically well grounded architectural sound system, able to be highly spatial and expressive, synthesizing the Giardino Sonoro and the Sound and Experience Design skills in a new generation of spatial/environmental sound modules. We founded - with Lorenzo Coppini of B&C Speakers - Architettura Sonora, Applied Acoustics, a division of B&C Speakers, 2009-2012.

Adaptive sound space design is my/our main current goal. See ASG and AMM projects inside the Architettura Sonora website.

Lorenzo Brusci

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